Version 2.5

<aside> ✨ Hylinker can now annotate PDFs.


To annotate local PDFs, you should allow Hylinker access local files. More details can be found in Annotate PDF.

Version 2.4

Hylinker can now auto-load annotations when you reopen the webpage. This option can be enabled in the Account page.

For Safari, you should choose “Always Allow on This Website” or “Always Allow on Every Website…” when Hylinker requests the permission.


Version 2.3

Hylinker can now tag the webpage.


Version 2.2

Hylinker now supports connection to Notion.


Version 2.1

Hylinker now supports connection to OneNote.

Version 2.0

Hylinker now supports Library UI. This UI can be opened when you click Hylinker in new tab.